About XPERTProof

Control Author correction process for your Books and Journals

This platform helps Publishers to have full control over the entire correction process. It also helps Editors and Publishers to validate and approve Author corrections

Correction process

Control the entire author correction process
Project Management

Track milestones, tasks and manage all aspects pf a project within a user friendly portal.

Immediate content transformation

Submit changes to content and immeidatley transform tp PDF or EPUB with the click of button.

About XPERTProof

Native LaTeX online editor interface for Authors to handle corrections, view the list of corrections (can also export), validate all queries, view correction incorporated PDF and generate XML for subsequent stages

Realtime Dashboard Accessible By Publishers, Editors, Mastercopiers and Suppliers

About XPERTProof

Allows Editors to accept or reject Author corrections, while keeping track of all the changes

The platform allows Authors and Editors to directly edit equations in the native LaTeX format. You can also preview the edited equations without compiling


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